About Sable & Ox


Sable & Ox is a new way to find and purchase unique art and design products from around the UK. We curate the best work and you can buy direct from some of the country’s most talented artists.

Our comprehensive online service allows people to both buy and commission unique works of art. Often these are one off pieces handmade by experienced and highly accomplished independent artisans. They design and produce from locally sourced materials as far as possible, and always seek to produce work of the highest possible quality. In helping them to get the exposure they deserve, we create a point of communication between them and the customer, ever bridging the gap between art and commerce.

It is our aim to introduce people to an entirely new way of purchasing artwork, helping them feel reconnected to local makers and artists.

Modern mass production methods have lowered standards of acceptability and slowly separated us from high quality, unique, handmade, interesting works of art from all genres.

Why not acquire a personal piece that will last a lifetime? A piece made with all the care and attention of a dedicated craftsman.  

Please call 01553 617303